Celeriac soup with pear and parlsey oil
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Zuppa di sedano rapa, pera, olio al prezzemolo. Piatto vegetariano-vegano dalle proprietà antiossidanti, diuretiche, ricco di sali minerali ferro e potassio

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Peel the celeriac and dice it; mince leek, onion and ginger. In a pan, sweat the vegetables with some butter and a sprig of thyme, when it starts to soften keep it moist with the stock until cooked. Once cooked puree with a mixer, strain, season with salt and pepper and add a little bit of stock or milk if needed; keep warm.
Prepare the parlsey oil mixing oil, vinegar and parlsey with an immersion blender, strain and reserve.
Cut the pear in little regulare cubes, sprinkle with lemon.

Serve the soup with pear cubes and dot it with parlsey oil.

zuppa di sedano rapa

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